Internship requirements

The internship you would like to do must be authorised in advance. The selected internship has to be clearly related to your course of studies and offer you the opportunity to put into practice what you have learnt at University. As an intern you should be involved in work processes and projects and be able to gain first work experience. This will help you to broaden and deepen your skills and qualifications.

Only fulltime internships (at least 36hrs/week) that offer enough challenging tasks are going to be authorized and acknowledged. The internship should take place on site (if applicable, max. 1-2 days of home office per week) The duration of your internship is stated in the examination regulations of your study programme. 

The following positions can't be acknowledged as internships: student assistants' positions and work experience gathered in part time and long term jobs; internships focused on research, e.g. positions that foresee tasks you could do also within the frame of a research project at this University (EXCEPTION: Master Sociology of Inequality); internships in the field of research, at universities or university-related organizations or research centres and institutes (EXCEPTION: Master Sociology of Inequality), teaching activities and couselling in the social work field . 

Can the internship be carried out in different organisations/companies? I.e. is it possible to split the internship in 2 parts?
If possible, the internship should be completed in one organisation/company and at once. However, it is possible to split the internship in 2 parts. If you wish to split the internship, please inform in advance the departmental internship officer and provide information (name of employer, city, period of time). It is not possible to split the 8- or 4-week internship.

The following splitting periods are possible:

3 + 3 months
2 + 4 months
4 + 2 months

The easiest way for a slip is to do the internships one after the other in one semester. However, it is possible to complete the two internships in different semesters or during the semester breaks. Please contact the internship officer well in advance. 

What do I have to do for the reporting process if I split my internship?
You must write a preliminary report and an acknowledgement sheet for each internship position. At the end, you must wirte only one final report about the internship of your choice.

The internship should contain demanding tasks and can be done for example in the following professional fields:

  • Companies and consulting
  • Media and cultural organisations
  • Public administration, governmental institutions, Federal and State Ministries
  • International organisations
  • Market and public opinion research companies
  • Socio-economic associations and industrial organisations
  • Political parties, lobbies, political consulting
  • NGOs and NPOs