• Study History in Konstanz

    Studying history satisfies a very wide range of interests and aims and cultivates a broad variety of competences and talents. The requirements for successful academic studies are curiosity and the willingness to deal with various topics, questions and problems, creativity, the ability to work independently and with commitment, the willingness to manage an extensive reading workload and a genuine interest in history. The study programmes embrace the Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Early Modern Ages and the French Revolution up to Modern and Contemporary History.



Das Kolloquium findet am Dienstag, 20. Juni sowie 4. Juli jeweils von 14:30 Uhr bis 17:00 Uhr in Y 214 (Teeküche) statt.

Die Teilnahme am Kolloquium ist für alle verpflichtend, die bei Herrn Prof. Dr. Schlögl  oder Herrn PD Dr. Beck eine Arbeit schreiben oder Prüfung ablegen.

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