Master or Arts History

Made-to-measure Master

At the University Konstanz you develop the profile of your Master yourself. You compile your qualification from our wide range of courses while focusing on your plans for the future. We offer you a scientific environment on a supreme level and support you while you are working independently on your personal profile, in one era or on a main topic across eras. That is a profile, you can be proud of.

Practical and research-oriented

Professional historians work in archives, museums, libraries, in organizations and corporations (e.g. Corporate History and Communications), in the educational and cultural field, in politics, as journalists, in creative jobs in commerce (marketing, management), as well as in research. The Master’s program History in Konstanz is oriented toward both ways into praxis. We emphasize an in-depth education in techniques and methods for work outside the university and for further research.

Excellent staff and innovative teaching methods

In Konstanz, you profit from a broad range of offered courses by internationally acclaimed professors. The historians in Konstanz are distinguished by their methodical originality, their focus on cultural theory and their active interchange. In the last years, we have put innovative forms of teaching to the test, which include projects spanning several semesters, for example preparing an exhibition from the concept to the vitrines, compiling a book of important sources, or a scientific publication. We also have supreme experiences with topics spanning various eras, in which several lecturers take part in intensive discussions with the students and amongst themselves. You can select from the traditional eras (ancient history, middle ages, early modern times, modern era) as well as chose thematic focal points, spanning eras. The following core study areas are on offer:

– Ancient history
– Archaeology
– History of the early modern times
– History of the 19th, 20th and 21st century
– Global History
– Concepts of communicating History: Exhibiting
– Mediterranean History
– History of the middle ages
– Eastern-European History
– History of economics

Students chose one of those focal points and can rely on continuous courses and seminars offered throughout their masters programmes.

Systematic and individual

You will be fostered systematically and individually during your master’s program at the same time. We have never heard of someone staying anonymous while studying! From the first semester until your degree you are part of a group, in which you can exchange ideas regularly. From the beginning there is a supervising professor, you can always talk to to get reliable information. At the same time, you are encouraged to develop your own questions and projects. From the first semester onwards, we help you to the select the best courses, which are helpful for the development of content and the technical realization of your hypothesis.

While studying we give you a lot of freedom and honour your independent work with credit points. You can replace courses with independent projects, such as travelling to archives. We advocate and foster stays abroad and internships and acknowledge accomplishments from summer schools generously. We encourage you to visit courses on other subjects, that inspire your projects, or to learn additional languages and import the acquired credit points.

Guiding to PhD

Many jobs outside the university do require a PhD degree. Because of that, we do not only teach research-oriented but also want to promote you developing your PhD project while working on your master´s degree and support you in finding financial resources. One big advantage is that the subject of history in Constance is settled in a research-intensive environment, of which  students very much profit through guest lecturers and researchers. The professors of the subjects participate in the Cluster of Excellence: “Cultural foundations of integration” and in various programs of graduate schools.