Study History in Constance

Studying history satisfies a very wide range of interests and aims and cultivates a broad variety of competences and talents. The requirements for successful academic studies are curiosity and the willingness to deal with various topics, questions and problems, creativity, the ability to work independently and with commitment, the willingness to manage an extensive reading workload and a genuine interest in history.

The study programmes embrace the Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Early Modern Ages and the French Revolution up to Modern and Contemporary History. Content-wise the emphasis is put on Global, Economic, Eastern History and the History of Science and the Media. The academic degrees of the University of Konstanz – the undergraduate study programmes (Bachelors), the graduate study programmes (Masters) and the teacher degree programmes for secondary schools – are internationally recognised. Additionally, you can join a doctoral programme and do your PhD.

Questions around your study programme in History

Are you interested in stuyding History or do you have any questions regarding content, structure or study plan of your study programme? You can find many answers to your questions in our FAQ section or you can contact our departmental student advisory service. Additionally, some students' biographies give you an insight on studying History at the University of Konstanz (in German).