Outgoing - Study abroad

Why should you go abroad?

  • Take the opportunity: Gain unique perspectives worldwide, promote your own growth.
  • Experience everyday university life in another city: Other campus structures, teaching methods and cultures will enrich your academic journey. 
  • Make contacts and network: Meet new people, build an international network, share ideas together.
  • Strengthen personal flexibility: Master challenges, increase personal flexibility and adaptability. 
  • Deepen foreign language skills: Expand foreign language skills and your intercultural/communication skills. 
  • Professional profiling: Employers value international experience that allows you to operate successfully in a global environment. 
  • Self-knowledge and change of perspective: Other countries, other customs - gain a deep insight into yourself and your own way of thinking and seeing things.
Erasmus+ Outgoing Student Guide
Erasmus+ Outgoing Student Guide

Erasmus+ Outgoing Student Guide

The Outgoing Student Guide provides general information on Erasmus+ formalities, interesting facts about the host university, recognition of study credits, financial support, insurance options and much more about studying abroad. The checklists before, during and after your Erasmus+ stay can also be particularly helpful. Just click in and find out more.