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    St. Marks Place, 1968. Foto: James Jowers. Quelle: George Eastman House. No restrictions.

  • Transforming Infrastructure
    Cultural Perspectives

    The interdisciplinary research initiative “Transforming Infrastructure: Cultural Perspectives” investigates both the cultural dimensions of infrastructure and the infrastructures of culture.

    Conceiving of “infrastructure” as the support systems of human sociality, the initiative addresses pressing questions regarding infrastructure’s relevance in times of global, technological, cultural, and climatic transformation.

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  • Wikimedia und unter der CC 3.0 Lizenz zur Verwendung freigegeben

    Political Ecology
    Workshop on Environmental Humanities

    Political ecology is, according to Robbins, a field that critically interrogates the nature–society relations, particularly looking at the power relations that intersect and affect the access to natural resources, in order to reveal disparities and injustices in the distribution of costs and benefits.

    Workshop 14 - 15 September 2023
    Participation online only
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  • Merkur Award for outstanding dissertation

    The Merkur Award for outstanding dissertations, donated in 2019 by the Ernst H. Klett Stiftung Merkur, will be awarded for the year 2022 to the contemporary historian Benedikt Sepp (LMU Munich), former doctoral student at the University of Konstanz, Chair Sven Reichardt, for the work Das Prinzip Bewegung. Theorie, Praxis und Radikalisierung in der West-Berliner Linken (1961−1972).

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