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[Translate to Englisch:] Jean-Honoré Fragonard, Der Philosoph (1764).

Konstanz Working Group on the History of Ideas

The "Konstanzer Arbeitskreis Ideengeschichte" (Konstanz Working Group on the History of Ideas) is an association of scholars with an interest in issues related to the history of ideas. The aim is an inter-epochal and interdisciplinary exchange on current research projects with approaches from the history of ideas, as well as their theoretical reflection and methodological development. We have a broad understanding of  "history of ideas" and welcome connections and areas of overlap with a wide range of cultural studies, as well as, for example, with the history of law or philosophy.

Initiated in 2018, the working group initially met once a semester for an open workshop. Since 2021, a permanent group has emerged, which pursues the joint project "Suspicious Concepts in History and Historiography" in roughly monthly online meetings. Interested parties are always welcome!