Lisa Korge, M.A.

Doctoral student


Professional Background

Lisa Korge studied history, philosophy and literature in Karlsruhe, Perpignan and Konstanz. In 2014 she graduated with a master thesis on the Dutch colonial infrastructure in the Malay Archipelago. From 2015 to 2018 she was a fellow at the at the Leibnizpreis-Research Group “Global Processes” at the University of Konstanz. Her PhD is funded by a doctoral scholarship granted by the State of Baden-Württemberg (Landesgraduiertenförderungsgesetz).

Her research interests combine colonial history with the history of infrastructures and the history of knowledge. In her PhD project, a close examination of the practices of road construction in the Dutch East Indies serves as a starting point to study different aspects of territorial expansion and colonial governance. Special attention is given to the creation and transmission of practical knowledge and the conditions of (forced) indigenous labour.

Research Interests

Colonial history
History of infrastructures
History of technology
Transnational history

Edited Volume

Lisa Korge / Christian Hoffstadt (eds.), TV Dramedy, Bochum / Freiburg 2013 (= Comic and Violence, Vol. 4).

Conference Papers and Presentations

Poster presentation ‘Kolonialer Straßenbau in Niederländisch-Indien: Verwaltungspraxis, koloniales Selbstverständnis, Wissensproduktion, 1900-1940’,

Doktorandenforum, 52. Deutscher Historikertag “Gespaltene Gesellschaften”, Münster, 25-28 September 2018.

‘From pragmatic to professional, from local to international? The production of a specific road construction knowledge for the tropics in the Dutch East Indies’.

Symposium “Spaces of Circulation and Colonial/Imperial Landscapes: Criticisms and Challenges”, European Society for the History of Science Biennial Conference 2018, London, 14-17 September 2018.

 ‘Vergleichen, auswählen und kombinieren: Die Entwicklung eines Straßenbau-Wissens für die Tropen in Niederländisch- Indien durch Austausch und Adaption, 1900-1940’.