Offers for pupils

"Schülerstudium" ­– studying while in school

Since the summer semester 2009, the departments of History and Sociology have been offering particularly gifted pupils the opportunity to take up studies at university.

Trial Lecture

Are you interested in studying history or sociology, but do not have a clear idea of the contents, the teachers or students of the subjects? Do you want to get a first impression of how a lecture or seminar at the university works? Are you unsure about your choice of studies?

Then you have the opportunity to attend courses in history or sociology as part of the taster lectures. You can attend one or more courses in our department without obligation and according to your own interests.

How can I participate?

  • In principle, it is possible to attend courses throughout the semester. Of course, you can also attend several courses. However, due to the examinations or written exams that often take place at the end of the semester, the first phase of the respective semester (winter semester: October-January, summer semester: April-June) is most suitable.
  • To get an impression of the teaching at the university, the following courses are suitable for pupils or non-students: in history lectures, courses, proseminars and main seminars, in sociology all courses.
  • Please register with the study advisor at least two weeks before you wish to attend one or more courses. Please state which course(s) on which day it/they are to be attended. The registration should be sent by e-mail to (subject history) or (subject sociology).
  • In general, no more than three students can participate in a single event. If a visit with a larger group is planned, please ask your study advisor as early as possible (at least three weeks before you wish to attend a course) whether this is possible due to the size of the room and the type of course and whether the lecturer agrees in this case. Furthermore, the size of the group should not exceed 10 persons.
  • To the list of courses
  • Since you are attending courses in the current semester and possibly also those for higher semesters, it may be that you cannot easily follow the subject matter covered. Do not let this discourage you! The students are familiar with the material and attend the course regularly and from the beginning. You can still benefit in many ways from attending a lecture, a (pro) seminar or a course: They not only get an impression of the atmosphere at the university or of how history or sociology is taught and learned at the university as opposed to school lessons. The experience you gain during your visit to the university should also make it easier for you to decide whether to study history or sociology.
  • If attendance of the courses has awakened your interest in studying history or sociology, you can make an appointment with the respective subject study advisor. He or she can give you information about what you need to bring with you, for example, to study history or sociology, or about the restrictions on admission and entrance requirements for the respective courses.