Formular im SSZ
Formular im SSZ

Exams in MA History

Information about exams

Registration for examinations of courses

Registration and deregistration for examinations during studies is done via ZEuS. Please note the registration deadlines mentioned on the website. 

You can still change your mind during the registration period. After the registration deadline has expired, your registration is binding and you are obliged to complete the respective examination (presentation, term paper, etc.). After expiry of the deadlines, withdrawal from the examination is only possible with the official attestation form, which you can find on the page "Information & Forms".

Registration process for the MA final examination in History

Registration process:

  1. You collect your registration documents at the Central Examination OfficeRobert Bucifal (room C406).
  2. You look for an examiner (cf. authorised examiner) who will supervise your thesis. You agree upon the topic of your thesis with the examiner.
  3. You can officially register for the MA thesis with Robert Bucifal. You can register either: 

    For the summer semester: February 1st - 15th
    Start of the MA thesis: end of April

    or the winter semester: July 1st - 15th 
    Start of MA Thesis: End of  October

4. If you want to register for the final examination, at least half of all required study-related assessments must have been completed.

5. The History student advisor will check whether all prerequisites are met so you can register for the final examination and will issue a confirmation document for Robert Bucifal. Please attend a consultation hour for this purpose.

Information provided by the Central Examination Office (ZPA)

Current information and forms are provided on the page of the Central Examination Office (ZPA)

Here you will find information on the following topics, among others: 

- Registration for the final examination
- General regulations for submitting final examinations
- Signets of the University of Konstanz
- Withdrawing from examinations and extending final examinations
- Certification of examination documents
- Financial support for final theses

An overview of the contact persons at the ZPA, their responsibilities and office hours can be found here.

List of examiners