Registration process for the BA final examination in History

Registration process for the BA final examination in History

For each semester there is a registration date for the written and oral final examination for the BA History!

  • for the winter semester: 15 – 30 October
  • for the summer semester: 02 – 15 May

If the first day of registration is a Saturday or Sunday, the registration period is automatically extended by that period, as you cannot register with the Examinations Office on Saturdays or Sundays. There are preclusive time-limits.

Dates for compiling your Bachelor's thesis: For all registered students the common starting point of the 6-week period for writing the BA thesis and thus the admission by the Examinations Office is:

  • for the winter semester: either 15 November or 01 February
  • for the summer semester: either 01 June or 01 August

The students can select one of the starting dates.
For the period starting on 15th November the deadline is automatically extended by the period authorised by the Vice Rector due to the Christmas closure (the Examinations Office takes this into consideration already at admission).

You register as follows:

  1. You collect your registration documents from Mrs. Heinzelmann (room C 404).
  2. You look for an examiner (cf. authorised examiner) who will supervise your thesis. You agree upon the topic of your thesis with the examiner.
  3. You can officially register for the written and oral final examination with Mrs. Heinzelmann. You can register either 02– 16 May or 15 – 31 October. You can simultaneously register for the written and oral examination.
  4. Each semester there are two starting dates for compiling your Bachelor's thesis. For the winter semester: 15 November and 1 February. For the summer semester: 1 June and 1 August
  5. The allowed writing time is six weeks. If you start your thesis on 15 November, the deadline is automatically extended by the period of the Christmas closure
  6. Prerequisites for registration for the written examination are: presence of all your assessment results of the basic modules as well as one assessment result of an advanced module, the successfully completed internship and the examiner's signature.
  7. In their consultation hour the departmental student advisory service will check whether all prerequisites are met so you can register for the written or oral examination.
  8. The oral examination in your major can only take place if you have completed the study-related programmes, the assessments of your major and the additional work-related qualifications required by your study programme according to attachment D and you have handed in your written thesis. You set the date for your oral examination together with your examiner. The examinees hand the completed form "Assessment overview for the admission to the oral examination within the undergraduate (BA) study programme History" over to their departmental student advisor after registering for their last study-related examination(after 15 January for the winter semester and after 15 June for the summer semester). Potential mistakes in your StudIS account can still be corrected now (StudIS = electronic student information system).
  9. In case some examination results/assessments still are missing upon registering for the oral examination, you can hand them in until 10 days before the oral examination.