How to sign up for Proseminare (Introductory Seminar with Tutorial)

Places in Proseminare in History are allocated centrally: Students sign up for participation in the respective tab in ZEuS and will receive feedback on their registrations before the beginning of lectures. This applies to every student wanting to take a Proseminar in History (not only to students of History).

The respective registration period is always mentioned in the registration tab for Proseminare, which is part of the course catalogue ZEuS, it may also be found on the Department of History’s website.

In your own interest, please be sure to indicate at least two alternatives to your desired Proseminar, otherwise you risk not being able to attend a Proseminar at all (only listing one priority does not guarantee allocation to this Proseminar).

How do you register?

Go to the ZEuS homepage and log in.

Depending on your programme of study, go to the respective history modules requiring Proseminare (in Lehramt [B.Ed.]: modules 2 and 3, in B.A.: modules 2 to 4, etc.) and read the course descriptions. Prioritise your preferences based on the course descriptions.

In the course catalogue, click on the tab "Registration of Proseminare of the subject History*Due date [date] - Place allocation", which shows up in several modules in ZEuS, and which lists all Proseminare as "parallel groups" (1st, 2nd, 3rd, ...) (see screenshot).

Next, select the module (or part of the module) for which you want the Proseminar to be credited in your degree programme. If you are not sure which module might be the right one, you may pick the "globales Überlaufkonto" (güK). Once your grade has been added to the data base, we may transfer the credit to the correct/another module.

Prioritise the Proseminar you would like to participate in ("priority 1") and indicate two alternatives. If you indicate only one or no alternative to your top priority, you risk not being able to attend a Proseminar at all (due to capacities/course size). Please be aware that Proseminare may be preselected as priorities before you indicate your actual priorities, so double check before submitting your choice.

Additional Information

You may still change your mind during the registration period. After the registration deadline, your choices are binding; you are obliged to attend the Proseminar you were assigned to and complete its respective assessments (presentation, term paper, etc.). You will automatically be registered for assessments and final exams in this Proseminar.

If you would like to attend two Proseminare in one semester, please sign up for one of the two as described above (indicating alternatives) first and contact the student advisor afterwards – before the end of the registration period. Please mention which Proseminar and which alternatives you have opted for in ZEuS and mention the second Proseminar (as well as at least two alternatives) from another era/epoch you would like to take.

In case you urgently need to take a Proseminar (e.g. because you need to complete your degree after the semester in question), please get indicate the maximum number of alternatives to your priority and get in touch with the student advisor.

Shortly after the end of the registration period, you will receive an email confirming your registration for participation in a Proseminar. If you do not receive an email to your university email account until at the latest one day before the start of the Proseminar (check your spam folder!), please contact the Student Advisor immediately. In order to facilitate the process, please mention your choices (priority and alternatives) once again in this message, also including your student ID number (Matrikelnummer).

Places are allocated according to priority (needs and choices of our students), not according to the date of registration. We aim to achieve a balanced size of the Proseminare on offer. In all cases, Proseminare have no more than 15 and no fewer than 5 participants (the long-term average being about 12-14 participants per Proseminar). There is no entitlement to a place in a particular Proseminar. Registration is binding once students receive the information of having received a place in one of the Proseminare. Therefore, even when it comes to your alternatives, do only indicate Proseminare that actually fit your timetable.


If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please contact the Student Advisor before the registration deadline.