European Reform University Alliance (ERUA)

Since 2020, the University of Konstanz is part of the European Reform University Alliance (ERUA) with four other young reform universities from Bulgaria, Denmark, France and Greece. The transnational higher education alliance is funded by the „European Universities Initiative” of the European Commission. (2020-2023)

The interdisciplinary research group of the network “Re-imagining Higher Education and Research” is located at the Chair of the History of Knowledge in Konstanz.  The research group deals with epistemological questions about the role of reform universities, their approaches to interdisciplinary research and student-oriented teaching and works out concepts for the further development of the university alliance in direct cooperation with the partner institutions. The group is supported by an international student research group - get more information here.

The goal of the ERUA team is to establish a conception for a European reform university, that brings together students and teachers from different backgrounds and create a space for common learning and research. Based on the idea of the reform university, the focus is on new experimental formats to foster critical thinking and innovative ideas.

Here you can find information about the events organized by the research group.

More information about ERUA can be found on the homepage of the International Office and on the ERUA homepage

Contact to the research group “Re-imagining Higher Education and Research” in Konstanz: Clara Feldmann