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    Prof. Dr. Daniel König

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  • Latin & Arabic
    Social Histories of Linguistic Entanglement

    For centuries, Latin and Arabic have played a preponderant role as languages of administration, intellectual endeavours and religion in the wider Euromediterranean sphere.


  • Anthology of Primary Sources on the Latin-Arabic Middle Ages

    As opposed to its Franco- and Anglophone counterparts, the German book market only proffers very few anthologies of primary sources that provide access to qualitative translations of Latin and Arabic sources and, in consequence, a well-founded insight into relations between medieval Latin-Christian Europe and the Arabic-Islamic sphere.


  • al-Gharb

    Terminological Enquiries into the Emergence of a Culturalist Conception of the West in the Arabic-Islamic Sphere (16th-19th cent.)

    “Mappa Rogeriana”: southward oriented world map by the Arabic-Islamic geographer al-Idrīsī (d. c. 560/1165), produced under Roger II of Sicily 



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